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The Colborne Code

The Colborne Code

The Colborne Code


I am smart and strong:

I remember that when things go wrong

To walk away, talk it out,

Make it right, own my part,

Use my head and use my heart.


I share with friends every day,

Smile, laugh, and thank, and play—

 Respect is always the way

at CPS.


I know myself and know my limits

If I need a break, I just take a minute.

I do my best and stay on task

I try to participate in every class.


Yesterday is over,

Today is a fresh start.

I am here to learn and grow—

So here at Colborne I will blossom

And know that I am truly awesome!

Recess Routines at CPS

Recess Routines at CPS

School Rules

School Rules

Be Kind

Be Kind

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